Health Check

What is a Domestic Electrical Health Check and why do I need one?

A Domestic Electrical Health Check from Plug and Socket Ltd is a basic electrical inspection and test of your electrical wiring and fixed electrical equipment within your home and outbuildings. It covers a range of inspections and tests to help ensure that electrical equipment is safe, fit for purpose, correctly earthed and protected by suitable fuses or circuit breakers to help prevent electric shocks, electrocution, faults and electrical fires occurring. This is not a periodic inspection.

After we have completed the health check we will let you know of any problems, and prioritise what you need to do next.

We will code them:

  • Dangerous needs immediate work.
  • Needs to be sorted within the next couple months
  • Needs Completing within the next six Months
  • Low priority

Let us make your home safe

What is Part P?

In January 2005, Part P of the Building Regulations came into force. These regulations introduced safety standards to electrical installations within domestic properties and classes electrical work into two basic categories, notifiable and non-notifiable.

As a general summary any major work such as a re-wire, fuse board / consumer unit upgrade, installing a new circuit or work in bathrooms, kitchens and the garden is notifiable and it must be notified with a fee payable to your Local Authority Building Control Department, currently about £150 privately.

ELECSA approved contractors have been independently assessed to ensure that they operate to the highest safety standards. If your work is affected by Part P, Plug and Socket Ltd will notify ELECSA of the work done and you will receive a Building Compliance Certificate from ELECSA so that you know the work has been registered with your Local Authority Building Control Department.

You will almost certainly have to produce this certificate at a later date, especially when moving home, so when it arrives please keep it in a safe place.

Plug and Socket Ltd hold Public Liability Insurance to a maximum value of £2,000,000 per claim.